What is the concept? How deep do we have to dive into the ocean to reach day one? The beginning of this. The beginning of everything. We now look at certain people and give them the title of “day one” but those people may not look at you the same way. So how deep into the ocean do we have to dive to reach day one? Will it be the beginning? Note that the depths wont respect you as day one yet you may perish in the midst of open waters. In retrospect, there is a time when the beginning is called to attention and the first day is noted in existence. This day is cherished and all those who are there can look back together and be in sync, in tune, and vibe with being respected as day one qualified. To be aware and show love as day one. Today has opened my eyes no less than any other day but it has given me THIS day. Today is my day one. The first day that I choose to be open beyond my comfortable limits. The first day that I choose to say that I am NOT weird. The first day that I choose to be free of feeling trapped by the world and unable to walk or talk or just breathe the air that is given to me. The first day that I choose to stand im my truth and to live my truth out loud regardless of anybody or anything because my truth is my life. If and when I die I want to be cremated because I do not want no one faking at my funeral. I dont want no one to tell me how much they loved me and how much they cared and miss me. I dont want to hear about the memories of things fogotten days and weeks before. Today, I sit here and today I am STANDING HERE. I am not an enemy of this world but fuck your world if you are against me. I stand with and for my people and I know regardless of whatever the fuck the enemy tries to throws, you bitches cant fucking kill me! Even if you kill me! I will not comply with the lies spread like disease in this earth. I will not be silent about my truth and I will not pretend for anybodys feelings. There are a lot of quotes in this world that are said that are complete bullshit and in the weight of CONtext, SPELLing, VOCabUlary, LETters.. etc… ppl spreading verbal diseases and swearing that they are right yet living against everything they are speaking. SHOW and PROVE… there are no root words there. They are in their truth alone (those two words).. be like tht. Thats where im at. Physically, I paint pictures from blank canvases.. spiritually thts how people view my life from a distance. This is the world around me that I can physically manifest and give back to you because thts what people seem to want from me.. blank canvas art. Hello, I am blank canvas art & this is my first piece. Day 1.