The multiverse is the universe in HER essence. We are filled with a MULTItude of galaxies and dimensions from a molecular perspective that would duplicate the universe, hence, multiverse. And from a biblical perspective (because I’m not sure if you would understand me without reference to such) “we are created in his image” the only way to create something in the image of, is to give birth to or mirror, either internally or externally, and giving that we all look different, it is INTERNAL imagery. Minus the flesh.. we are all of one internal black soul (dark matter) God rests in that, so we are all connected there (being that, God in the flesh). That does NOT take away from our creator. It signifies that we have been given the ability to create. Before we enter this world we are in our mothers womb. Our very own planet.. living thriving and growing by sustainment of our giving God (mother) and when we are born (such as when we die) we come into our own being in the image of our creator. Making us one in the same. Does that make sense? I tried to make it relative because the Bible is just a twisted version of the truth mixed with lies. I hope this helps people understand that God exists outside of it.

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