Activating Happiness and Peace

Theres a black hole right in the middle of my brain on another level.. I am a portal. They take me on these trips through my own mind and show me life in other dimensions. They explain to me the things we dont get, here,  and why, because theres a map to everything and it’s in our mind. Particular steps and movements, even blindfolded, can change your whole life. Foreal. Self worth is measured by willingness to choose self over hurt and pain. I am able to choose self over more things than most. Yet I am SELF-full not selfish. We are in this world to build ourselves to a place of aptitude and grow beyond limited mental processing towards the mitigation of life. There is no sadness, there is no pain… unless we want it to be. We have to let go of trying to take control but grab a hold and hang on for the ride. If we step just a little to the right or left, the universe will do the rest. As human beings on this haven, we should be more available to happiness and joy and peace, but somehow, we people always end up getting exactly the opposite. We lose ourselves along the way of getting to the life we deserve if we are missing the necessary tools that are meant to GIVE US, or make available to us, the energy that is needed to experience what it is we desire. We have to pay very keen attention to things of nature because that is how our creator speaks to us. I am grateful for this day because I am available to it and it is available to me. I speak happiness into this day and I will recieve things in the mail and throughout the day as I move along that will bring me even more happiness and even more peace. This is how we speak life into our daily movements. The problem is, when I speak, I am not talking about the “present day” physically. Spiritual time is way faster than the haven of earth. So when we speak we are really physically speaking into the future, which meets the present in deed. There are particular times in which to release the energy of “asking” into the atmosphere in which to physically recieve all that we desire. Our bodies and minds know this, but our waking consciousness is not in direct knowledge of this so our bodies and minds react to knowing we have desires and gives us the availablility BUT most are not consciously mentally available to this time and reject it. Lose out on hope for tomorrow, today, by ignoring or being unaware of yesterdays time of asking (prayer, in religious aspect). Everyday we have the ability to gain availability, but we have to have the willingness to grow.. we can not just assume, but ascertain, to growth. Growth is health. It starts with healthy insides to grow. That starts on the smallest level. Beyond that we must CHOOSE to grow. Growth is addition and multiplication. That is numbers, learning concepts of each number listed and finding out what their bases are. I would rather share that this is how we gain mental access to consistency in happiness and peace than to tell you how to get to happiness and peace because that answer is not conclusively the same, but what does flow is our mental availability to growth. We have to decipher each word in context of position and power and in turn respect the weight of the “power in speaking”. Learn what numbers indicate that a level of peace and happiness have been reached and maintain a constant connection to the flow of numbers through out everything. Everyday is today and tomorrow and yesterday, it all depends on where you are willing to go. Stay stuck in yesterday by not letting go of the past on today, and you miss tomorrow. Stay stuck in today by not being available to tomorrow, on yesterday. Miss or overlook today by embracing the negative energy of yesterday. When something doesnt make sense, we either dont want it to or its not meant to.. “nevermind” it. Allow for only up to 3 times because the 4th will bring sadness or pain. Sometimes one time is equal to the weight of three. Our actions do carry weight. That weight is energy. That energy builds us up or tears us down all depending on what we have made our consciousness available to because we do things without knowing or thinking about the consequences of what we are doing to ourselves with that energy. Consequences are what they are for a reason and we have to respect them because everybody knows about karma but nobody thinks about her twin brother consequence.. karma brings consequence wherever she goes and all she does is point to whoever is bothering her. We bother karma by bumping into her when we are moving and stepping in the opposite direction of the flow of numbers. & This is it….. This is the end.

Live Passionately