Losers never Win & Winners never BITCH

Dear Wypipo (the ones who hate/destroy melanin),

Why is it a pain to you for me to love who I am? Why does it hurt you and you feel as though it has to hurt me, too? Why do my eyes have to cry and not want to face what’s in front of me when my reflection is there? Why must my skin be a burden and a blame for anything and nothing at all? I am here today because my parents had sex. Why do I have to suffer for that? Don’t tell me anything about religion because it doesn’t apply. It doesn’t explain where I fit in and why I have to hate my beautiful life that I live. My full lips that house a smile that envelops bliss. My brown eyes that glow in the sunlight and my skin that shines a beautiful copper brown. Where do I find the hurt to deny my hair that keeps me looking however I choose and loves me enough to do whatever I ask it to? I close my eyes and I still see beauty if I visualize “me”.  Even if I see anybody who looks like me and who thinks like me but yet I’m living in a whole world where im supposed to hate myself and walk in shame because you are insecure? Im supposed to hate me, for you? I was given me for free, but I have to pay for what? Then you treat me as though I am beneath you and yet get down beneath me to try and tell me I’m not. What do you want from me? Why am I here? Why do you tell me to go home, but don’t, and have never told me where my home is? Where am I if I am not home, and where are you if  you are who brought me here? Take me home, if I should go home. Though, can you? Because you would have to keep going and carry on back to your own. Where is that again? Not this land, here! You are turning MY face away from this stolen land that belongs more to me than you, but you step all over in other peoples territories. With MY body. You wage war to “protect” people who you kill in the midst of protection. Why is it okay for every one to suffer and be pointed at and to be laughed at and to be criticized and to be ridiculed, but you? What makes you so special that when the light shines on you, you literally burn? You could not escape the heat if you did not create this artificial life of constructed destitution, orchestrated murder, generated crime, and vilified media and entertainment. You should be ashamed of your life force and the energy that it has taken to bring you to this moment. And your justice… Every person that has had to NOT be protected and served by someone who has SWORN UNDER OATH to protect and serve them should be just as ashamed. Your children will suffer because of you and your hatred.  How fair it is to a nation of people you stole and murdered and mutilated and degraded? When we look back there has NEVER been a time WITHOUT pain or torture from YOU in some WAY, SHAPE, or FORM but YOU HATE ME more hating you back, for hating me? When do I get freed from YOU and YOUR criticism and judgment to even go home to this home that you won’t even tell me I’m from? With names that belong to you because you took my name knowing I couldn’t identify my family going back to an unknown place with a different name. Why do you get to dictate to ME what MY reality IS?….. I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF ME. Why are you AFRAID of that? Especially when everything in YOUR media and entertainment is marketed to and for ME. HOW WOULD I NOT LOVE ME? Show me who YOU are and take away what you know I LOVE and see how long life lasts for you. Better yet, get your privileged “everybody else needs to go but do this work for me before you go because you honestly do EVERYTHING” asses out into the jobs and labors that you want us out of.  YOU WOULD INFILTRATE YOUR OWN SHIT TO DRAW IN MY ATTENTION WITH SHIT YOU BUILT FOR ME TO GRAB ON TO AND I MADE A LIFE OUT OF IT WITH MY SURVIVING ASS HANDS! Because you are unaware that you can’t survive without ME. I even help keep the sun from killing you. But im supposed to hate that I have the ability to live in the sun AND slums of nothing and make it to be sitting next to yo ass, and getting an award. But you put me in them slums though. And left it that way. Everything upgrades around me, but most of my people are still looking at the same old none working things because you haven’t given us anything new.  Yet im supposed to hate all that I could pull out of it because I self taught how to move around and do better than THAT. Out of nothing. You even keep me from getting the best high paying positions of jobs because I’m more educated than you, then tell me my people work low paying jobs and are broke. Where do we get a high paying job that only the “rich” kid can qualify for because he went to private school (because his family was in the house back then). We are fully aware that status and position is better for who you know and what you have than qualifications. WE KNOW THIS!….. We don’t wanna be here. We did not ask to come here. We would not be here (neither would YOU BE HERE) if it wasn’t for your theft and destruction. We are here because of y’all. YALL CREATED THIS TRAVESTY! If it weren’t for YALL, about 500 or so years of the WHOLE WORLD would be different, better, natural …at LEAST. Yall do a sucky job of doing ANYTHING RIGHT, to include keeping the heat off yall though, because the sun really actually shines ALL the time and we see y’all skin peeling and blistering. Y’all are the reason yall have to deal with us. Y’all are y’all own problem, from having to deal with us, to being “mixed” in with us. Y’all did this. Shut the fuck up and deal with the dopeness. Your mixed grandkids. Stop killing AMERICANS and running around acting like evil GERMANS.. You don’t belong here more than ANYBODY! Stop abusing Americans. YOURE CAUCASIAN! YOURE A EUROPEAN MOUNTAIN MONKEY. WE STAND OR TAKE A KNEE IF WE HAVE TO FOR THE GOOD, THE FAIR, THE FREE IN AMERICA!!! You can’t even truly face yourself because your SELF HATRED AND FEAR is cowered behind having “one black friend”. A walking LIE because you’re afraid of him/her. Stop hating Americans. Stop dividing Americans!! Oh, you thought that wanting someone else to hurt for their greatness wouldn’t hurt? THATS why you burn in the sun! Thats why all your grand and great grand kids will look like me. Gorgeous SUN KISSED melanin. Yeah, your own created problem. Congratulations, y’all played yourselves.