Don’t Keep Score

If you want to fail, count the number of times someone else has hurt you. If you want to lose, set your standards on how many times you have failed. Failure and loss are the only two things that come from living your life by how other people treat you. Who is going to do and be better if everyone is trying to do and be worse? Someone has to make the decision, that, even though it “hurts” right now, I choose to grow through this and not just go through. The people who didn’t give up on life or love always hold the keys and are able to deliver the message for survival because they survived. They don’t sit back worrying and dwelling on someone who doesn’t appreciate or respect them. They don’t even move on to someone else who will only ultimately unappreciate and not respect them. They go inside of themselves and figure out what it is that attracts unappreciative and disrespectful people. Everything starts with self, but the “law of attraction” isn’t as attuned to us as some of us may believe. We have to tune in to ourselves. The attraction isn’t as vague as people would like to tell themselves. If you have a good heart and a strong mind, but you seem to “attract” people that abuse you in some way, you have to stop looking at the factor of going after the wrong thing and take into account being the wrong person! Giving the wrong energy. Being too open to giving what isn’t gotten in return. Embracing what “could be” and not “what is”. How do you truly feel about yourself? Are you happy with yourself? Are you mentally wishing for more out of life or feel that you have more to offer the world? Are you ignoring something that you want to do for the sake of “comfort”? 9 times out of 10, one of those answers is yes because if not there would be no energy of unappreciation or disrespect which grows from the lack of awareness and attunement. To be fully present with the self is to embrace all inner thoughts and feelings and assess why they are there. A lot of negative things we feel aren’t coming from us, they are coming from the people around us who are thinking negatively of you or projecting the negative thoughts of themselves on to you. It may be your soul wishing to heal, but can’t from only being aware of brokenhearted thoughts and people. One has to pay attention to the self and stop putting other people before the self because you are presenting them with a broken vessel that is only available for more damage. Only way to change that is to learn SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Growth is internal. Period. There is no external growth, only the appearance of such because of the projection that goes along with the thought of growth. Find out who you are before you love someone else because that person may very well NOT be who you want or need, but if you don’t know yourself, you will allow yourself to be attracted by what you don’t want or need, from trying to stay away from it. Forget about it and move forward in SELF and focus on what you DO want… Do not attach someone else to a broken heart and deplete yourself more by depleting another. The energy that lives behind “being a dog” or “being a hoe” is brokenness. Broken people are missing pieces of themselves and trying to fix that by fitting in pieces of someone else. The fact that energy can not lie slowly breaks away the mold that people place between the broken cracks and no matter how long it takes, no matter how much we ignore or lie to ourselves, no matter how much we deny the facts, we can not use another to heal the self. That is only stealing little pieces of others and creating more broken souls. If you keep track of that you will get lost in the point of DOING BETTER. The point is to let it hurt so that it can be released, so that pain can rebuild those broken cracks and each step can be redirected towards ascension. It is not easy to be alone when you are broken, but that is why you are broken. You will continue to break until you close into you, the builder, the carpenter, the only one who can truly heal YOU.

Counting others wrongs to you takes all focus off what truly matters, self love. LOVE YOU when someone leaves you, LOVE YOU when someone lies to you, LOVE YOU when someone cheats on you, LOVE YOU when someone talks about you because at the end of the day and the beginning of the next day, their brokenness is what is making it so easy for them to let their pain slip through the cracks and break another. Reflections are symbolic of what our lives should be.. Inside and out. Reflect on that.