Get In-To-It

Everyone has used the line ”something told me” when recalling a situation that has happened and our own reactions seemed beyond our own power or control. No matter what about, it has been used because there was a voice or a feeling in your heart or head that spoke to you in a way that grasped your attention and caused you to react accordingly. This isn’t anything religious and its a gift that we all have the ability of tapping into. It doesn’t have to be “something”, it doesn’t have to be anonymous or just a hunch. Your intuition literally is like a second pair of all senses. You can ignore it, but ultimately you always feel that you should have listened, especially when things go really bad or really good in a sense that it could’ve been better, or worse. We do have the ability to tap into this energy and not just become attuned after it sends out signals, we can call on it and use it at will by becoming masters of our own selves and our senses. It seems like, all through life, we are chasing behind SOMETHING or someone, BEHIND, why not get it before it even starts to move, though? The many ways to explore ourselves comes down to a few things that we have to be attentive to first, and that is breathing. Yes, breathing, alone, is something that has to be mastered and given attention because it is literally the first lesson into self control. Controlling our own breaths and guiding the air as it passes through our lungs and directed to different organs and limbs to give oxygen and open passages for nutrition and blood to flow freely. Becoming aware of the breath is a joy in itself to realize how good the body feels just to get attention from the mind. Breathing should be consciously in and held for observation and consciously out, as well, and held for observation. What I mean by “held for observation” is that sometimes when we breathe deep, we will get little signals from parts of our body that needs extra attention or stretching, you will feel it deeply and you can guide your breath to that area with your intentions and focus and as you breathe out you can consciously release that tension or pain into the atmosphere and again, welcome new healing breaths into your body on inhale. Another way of building on intuition is to follow all first thoughts. As many first thoughts as possible. Many people may say that is hard, but all we need to do is trust our own minds to tell us the right things and stop depending out worldly influence to sway beliefs or judgments. We close our minds to things that we don’t want to believe or things that don’t necessarily contribute to life the way we “assume” it should because of worldly influence. We are really just given an insight or direction without having to process too much information with intuition. When we aren’t supposed to follow our first thought because it is damaging or destructive, we get a deep feeling about that as well. We know something is wrong or feels wrong or out of place and following that gut feeling will always guide us to our greater good. A third way to build on intuition is by meditation. Deep breathing is meditation, but consciously allowing thoughts to cease to pass and giving no focus to anything but the space between your eye lids and your sight. The point, here, is to just be aware. Do not try to do anything, but just be a part of the universe. Let your senses relax and allow all attention to rest on stillness and peace. You may start to thank yourself for the moment and thank the universe for your ability to just be and to become more aware of her in her greatest form, you! Ask for more awareness and then embrace being aware of yourself and be thankful for your own attention. Yoga is also a great way to build on the body, but the mind has to be ready for all that yoga comes with, if you aren’t ready to journey into yourself, I do not recommend yoga, because you will become aware of yourself in ways that may be a bit scary. For example, you may learn why you have certain habits, good and bad, you may pull out your deepest fears and have to relive them, physically, in some way or another, to release the energy into the atmosphere. You may even start to pull away from people because you soon learn that you are only attracted to the bad energy of them and it will start to fall away from you, which leaves no need for them in your life. All this will/may hurt you, but you have to trust the process because it is all for your greater good. It hurts to find out that people that we know and love and have grown accustomed to are damage to our lives. We need genuine people around us, though, because there will always be someone that is going to try and hurt you in some way if you elevate and keep EVERYONE around who were there before your elevation. People on different levels of energy transference can not effectively transfer energy between one another because someone will be giving more and someone will be taken more than is needed. Intuition saves us from these people and their motives, intuition is like a flashlight as bright as the sun shining at night in the darkest woods. Tuning into ourselves makes it almost impossible to ignore and that tense feeling that comes along with the unsettled stomach and irregular heartbeat are just a few ways that intuition speaks to us. Numbers also speak to us through intuition because all numbers in our field of energy are generated by, resonating with or transferred between us and the universe. No one else can sway our numbers, only the universe giving clues into what is happening in the situation with the persons involved will our numbers change. It is not wrong or bad to listen to our own hearts and minds to guide us through the life that were given to live and that includes getting rid of people and things that you FEEL and KNOW do not serve you or do you any good. Become an accountant of your own time and attention and allow yourself to say NO because sometimes, it could be saving your life.