Dear Apple (iPhone X creators)

What the hell man. Whats really good, though? Who told you to get rid of my favorite home button? Like, I don’t ever remember saying “Yo, I hate this button, I wish it would just go away” Now I can’t even just go home like I used to. Its not even really home any more. Its a new house. All renovated and shit. Now Im supposed to just want a whole new phone because its “the next generation”? Its like, companies don’t even care about what we, the consumers, want. Just take what we get and LITERALLY take it because we are going to disrupt the usability of your already perfectly good phone with service updates only tailored to the new generation phone. Can we get a survey next time? Can we decide if we really even want another change that we didn’t even ask for. You guys make HORRIBLE DECISIONS! Every change to the iPhone has NOT BEEN ASKED FOR! You have taken away everything that makes the iPhone an iPhone in order to keep up with samsung and now, you have given us a samsung in disguise as an iPhone! THE AUDACITY! This is not how you win and it is NOT HELPING iPhone users be great in the race over android users. Is it not bad enough that we have a bigot disguised as our current president, & we have to pretend to be okay with it, with gritting teeth. Irma, purposefully destroying a whole leg of the south on a rampage…The audacity of Apple to give us a trump phone in the middle of natural and political disasters! I am convinced that this phone IS the death of the iPhone legacy and any other subsequent iphone will be a total waste of resources that you all are, I’m sure, already using to make it. See through, perhaps? What else can you even upgrade? I mean TAKE AWAY and replace with a stupid privacy stealing cover up! All we are missing is the phone answering calls and text messages for us without us having to use any senses, you know, the calls we don’t want to answer. Since we never said we wanted these changes. I mean really, it has everything else unnecessarily there. Why not kick it up a notch? Why not give us all more reasons to not even be living, breathing, humans that get respected for our support of every unnecessary product that Apple comes out with. “Sure, I just brought the iPhone 8, but hey look… no home button! Let me just kick out 2 more car payments and a little rent because I swear that gosh darn home button has really been grinding my gears for the past few weeks”. Did y’all leave it where y’all left the real earphone jack? Was it like a contract y’all have with designers that said only a certain number of phone jacks and home buttons can be used? Yeah, we are still waiting to get those back. Because, you know.. Some people like things to stay the same. Some people like comfort of knowing that every home (BUTTON) has its own purpose. Some people even like pressing buttons. One button guys.. we only had one. what is the iPhone without the O?? Moment of silence for the real iPhones….. Apple has officially killed it. You all may as well come out with a yPhone… Why y’all doing all this crap? Aren’t electronics supposed to be tailored to the user? When does the consumer matter? OUR DOLLARS MATTER, THOUGH! Jerks.. When a company creates a phone that we ACTUALLY WANT, wait, Samsung did that? when they released all of the features that iPhone X newly has.. YEARS AGO!? WHEETTT? No….. YES THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR COMPANY! Be happy Apple, you have actually killed the iPhone by way of suicide! SUICIDE!

Do not have a good day.