No one can make us do what we don’t want to do. Therefore, we are in charge of our own actions and decisions and furthermore, responsible for our own heartbreak. When we invite someone into our lives it is an open invitation. Sadly, that invitation isnt always given to the right person. Sometimes, we give ourselves to people who aren’t mentally equipped to know what to do when they are holding someone else’s heart. This causes us to end up hurt and blaming not just the person, but the whole sex of whatever the person is, be that male or female. We then carry on in life with a shield to block us from everybody who could possibly come our way and usually someone does come our way right after, who is a great person, and we end up hurting that person in some kind of way because that last person hurt us and we put up a wall that we never actually took down before we got involved with this new person. Then that situation ends and someone else comes along or we end up single for a long time and we want so bad to get it right because we hurt the last person and we have a new perspective because of it and we are trying to take down our wall, but the person doesn’t want us. They are nonchalant about the whole thing and aren’t really here or there, but you want them HERE. You want this person to be THE person because you have went through so much and you just can’t take it anymore, but this person can’t give you what you want because it just isn’t in them. You’re unaware that this is their way of handling the issues that they have endured. You may have even ended up in a situation with someone that all you two do is fight and argue about nothing and everything, but for some reason you just can’t stay away from each other. Ultimately you end up alone or married and wondering how you got to the place that you are in and wondering why you aren’t happy where you are. You keep looking back at the past trying to piece together the things that went wrong and how you are so broken from the things that have stood on top of you being YOU. The pain of having happiness ripped away from you, however that may have been and you look up and say that you will never be able to trust another soul and you will never put anything past anyone and you aren’t going to let anyone get close to your heart. Yet you are married OR you are single, but you keep getting sexually involved with people telling yourself it isn’t going to cause negative issues. It always causes negative issues. You still blame the world. Not ONCE have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself “what am I doing that gets me to this place of loneliness overtime?” or “what am i doing to draw this negative energy into my life?”. Everything is energy so you have to consider the energy in the atmosphere PLUS the energy you have and that other people come with. How you view the world is through physically manifested thoughts and thoughts are energy that travel through the atmosphere like the wind and that energy has to meet with the energy that it is associated with in order to flow. That energy does exactly what it is supposed to do. This is how you run into the same “type” over and over.

I say all that to say that the quickest way to heal after heart break is to look ones self in the mirror and tell yourself “I put myself into every situation that has hurt me, but I did not know I was hurting myself”. You should begin to feel something inside if you repeat it a few times. You can even close your eyes and say it. Let yourself feel the emotions flow through you. This is you, speaking to yourself and yourself responding. When you feel this response tell yourself “I am sorry, I love you”. We should be able to tell ourselves “I love you” just as much as we can tell someone else. Once you begin to apply the “self assessment” mentally to your daily habits, you will be able to avoid more situations or sense when things aren’t meant for you so you won’t have to go through the whole thing to learn that it wasn’t for you. EVERY ONE YOU FALL FOR IS NOT FOR YOU. Just because they fill in a bunch of physical blanks on the “are they the one” form. Their name is also on the spiritual not to be trusted list. You only get to be happy like 3-4 days out of the week because the rest of the days ur arguing (cheating area 9/10) and you keep telling yourself things will get better, but right now today it isn’t. Are we in the future or today? Its selfish to the self to tell yourself that you have to be unhappy and fight to happiness. Even while being single. It is 100% possible to be happy and single. It is also 100% possible to be happy and in a relationship WITHOUT negativity. People close their eyes to the fact that the two of you together in the situation are stirring the stew. One or both are some how contributing to whatever negativity and theres a good 8/10 chance it is one or both cheating and or being aggressive. People close their eyes to their OWN actions and still blame the world for when things don’t go as they had wanted them to. We can’t just say certain shit “doesn’t count” because it happened and that means the energy is somewhere in the air attaching itself to something and growing into something else that will reveal it self in the future. So waiting for things to get better will never happen when you’re creating the future with present action.

Knowledge starts with the will to look beyond your beliefs. It challenges your comfortability and puts you up against things unknown. It doesn’t ask for acceptance but stands firm in the PRINCIPLE, of which is truth. We either accept it or reject it and the results play out in the actions of our lives and how we live and interact with others as well as how we treat ourself. We can choose, either way, we get a choice and they never stop until it is our time to leave this place. We make choices by our action and reactions. There is always a separation of the self, from situations, when they get hard. Our souls assess the situation on a spiritual perspective. Back on the physical plane, People take the term “leaving it in God’s hands” literally serious as if they went up and gave someone else their life. This is why people dont feel guilty about doing people wrong because they can tell someone not to judge them or pray and ask for forgiveness and that’ll be that. That energy has already started destroying something because its negative and thats what its supposed to do. People don’t care when they’re caught though, because if they did it wouldn’t have happened in the first place . If u make a girl or guy happy or they make you happy and then shit on them , I’m sorry, you are a bad person. Every cheat is ruining a happy home. Whether it be unhappy already or not. You could’ve left. They should’ve left, but instead they hand out ultimatums and tell people the partner did them wrong and they stayed with them. Let’s not let other people help us to our grave because we believe in “second chances” over “getting it right the first thing time”.

All in all, every heartbreak is in our own hand. You saw the signs from day one or two if it ends or gets really bad. If you did not see the signs and you get backed into a corner of a terrible situation, it is your fault if you do not get out of it. If someone cheats, it is your fault if YOU STAY and things turn into fights and arguments and tears. If you leave, it is still your fault that you are hurt, but you didn’t know that inviting THIS particular person in would cause you to end up being under appreciated. Now you know better. Knowing BETTER invites BETTER energy giving the chance to DO BETTER. Be well in your healing and always heal the self, first, before inviting the idea of “love”. The energy of love is the highest and that means our own energy would have to raise to meet it. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Raising to meet love will cause a spike like action in our own energy if it is real, that beginning bliss. So know that no love comes without bad days, but what lives in the midst of those days determines if it is LOVE or if it is just a waste of time and building up of negative energy.

You should feel like “Every day I love you a little bit more” that is how it should be because the energy of the relationship will slowly climb to meet the highest everyday. Any stop to that is a direct action of one or the other or both people adding in negative energy. Take responsibility for your own actions on a daily basis. Let people own themselves and align yourself properly with the highest energy of LOVE to have that which is actually love in word AND action. A lot of people don’t really want love, they want infatuation, adoration, admiration, attention etc. Once they get those things, they start to become unsatisfied because that is all they truly wanted. So with regards to that and real love, sometimes you have to hurt the person YOU love by leaving them because they are hurting you by coming from a place of only wanting those things and NOT actual love. Love does not hurt and should not hurt and would not abuse in any way. Have real compassion for others, but in doing so, do not lose your sense of self.  Discernment is very necessary.