Be Humble, For Who?

Ppl wanna be “humble” so bad that they’ll live in mediocrity to avoid making somebody else feel less than. So you just gonna let them make you feel what you’re trying to stop them from feeling, huh 🤔… Issa lie. Ppl gone feel how they feel about you, let them. To me, in theory, being “humble” is relatively just as stupid as being “woke”(later). If you think about it. Don’t nobody give a damn about your insides but you.. it’s a construct built on coveting ignorance of self… to have to proclaim that you accept having to stand back for others comfort.. what kendrick la-bae say? “I can’t fake humble just cuz your ass is insecure” … Damn.
Context is so much deeper than people realize and when you do “realize” you see that, to attach certain attributes or characteristics to certain words in or outside the dictionary is completely illusory and 100% in or of the ego. We use different measures to harness attention from the world around us and to proclaim humility is more or less a cry for attention. To proclaim being “woke” is also a cry for attention. We LOVE attention. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in true context, humility rejects attention because it isn’t aware of itself. It isnt a hat worn by the wearer, but more of a gift from an outside view. Being that we have many different faces, we cant actually give humility one face. Projections come from within and radiates outward. If a person walks with their nose in the air and a frown on their face, it is the same as if they were walking with a smile on their face with their head down, if they feel amazing about themselves inside.

We all want to feel good about ourselves. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. It does not take away from anyone else or anything someone else does for a person to outwardly display talents and KNOW and SAY to themselves that they are good at what they do versus if no one knows they have them and they live under the radar. As a creator, it is hard to hold back when you WANT to share gifts. The ability to create comes from the soul.. projecting outward. That can NOT be swayed nor does it effect anyone else’s projection from THEIR part of the soul. Our shells, our bodies house everything in our own given ability. Our own little piece of the eternal black soul is housed and rests in each and every one of us. Waiting for us to come visit so it can give us everything we need to have everything we want in life. Ones greatness can not take away from one else’s greatness unless you GIVE it away. You give away your greatness by being envious, jealous, mean, doing things to other people that live against the words that you speak. There is physical creation and then there is verbal creation.. (there’s more but later) you can not create two worlds and live in one. Therefore, you also can not be great and not let your greatness BE or not admit it to yourself in acceptance. Grab that step, step up and grow. If you don’t claim it, it will not be yours to have. Saying “I am the best at what I do” is self love and confidence building. Right dj khaled? Quite life changing as well. Saying “I look amazing” feels amazing. No “buts” should come after, neither, because it will most certainly be followed by rejection of your own greatness. Don’t be humble. It’s only a sticker. Be you and be great. And YOU on the outside looking in, recognize your own. “love yours” right J Cole? Y’all heard him. I know I did. I heard all of them.