20Baeteen is here!

(In symbolic celebration of numbers that the masses dont know they are unconsciously aware of…..)  Today is the first day of 2018 for us!

This really feels amazing. We made it. I feel like we were all captured in a maze that we found our way out of and now we have a small space to sit and reflect on the growth and progress that we made through out the year getting through the maze. I am really proud of us as a whole. Honestly, I feel we did good. Collectively as a conscience, we learned something and took steps towards things we didn’t understand to gain understanding. We asked questions, we got answers. The earth is not the same place that it used to be. Life is becoming an even foundation for all of us to see that we each have a place to build our own platforms and pyramids. We can make our lives in to whatever we choose IF we choose to be something other than an employee. I can’t think of a better time to put a signature on your own life than NOW. We have been set free from the trap of 2017 and 2018 is like “go, run, have fun!

As for myself, I am so ready. I hate to look at everything as a fresh new start because nothing actually stopped, but there is a change because of the numbers and the 8 literally shows us in its form that we are going to reap our sewn harvest! Nothing or no one can stop that because it is written in the 8. This is so exciting that the thoughts are making it hard to write. I want to share my journey towards being a better me. Whether it is learning about new and healthier foods or doing yoga or exploring my own creativity in the many different forms of art that I enjoy. I just want to be open to the world and show people that the smallest little spark of passion, for whatever that you feel inside, is there for the reason of making you thrive and feed your soul for living and claiming your own VERSION of happiness.

Here’s to an amazingly awesomely blissful 2018!

Enjoy, family!