GoodBye 2017

Going into 2018
There are a couple things I’d like to leave behind. I want to break it all down as best as I can because if something happens next year, in regards to anything I speak on, I will have already addressed it and that’ll just be that. We are adults at this point, and anyone who reads this should be over the age of 18.

So, I haven’t even really started “marketing” at this point. Life is what you make it because of the things that you put your hands on and pull together with your mind and the work you put in to it. Not because “you know what they say”. 2017 is the end of working below the radar. It is time to stand in greatness. I look at the world like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. Markings everywhere. 2017 is the end of saying without doing. Whatever it is. I’m really just thinking out loud. There must be a pattern between thoughts and actions, continuously. Fear will be left in 2017. Whatever it is, whatever there is fear in front of or behind. It has to end and be challenged. I am afraid of snakes so that means that I need to be going to a zoo or something to hold one. I won’t give anymore chances to people who display even the slightest bit of fake ness. No excuses. If I feel it, You’re guilty. Haven’t been wrong yet to move against that. Don’t solicit my opinion or lifestyle and expect me to be open for any context dealing with yours unless I ask for it. I’m over here. You’re over there. Focusing on the self and constant growth gives a sense of worth and purpose. Try that. Repeatedly. Before I say something that offends you or that you dont agree with or that you disapprove of, make sure that you’re important enough to otherwise it, first. I am here in this world because I was born, not to be accepted, but respected for the place that I was given here. I am in a tough spot right now because of the holiday season and the emotions are all over the place. So much so that it’s hard to write because there’s so much that I want to say, but at the same time, nothing at all. I want to leave behind the idea that choices are just right or wrong. There are more levels that have to be considered when making decisions. Just because something falls outside the area of agreeability, we can not take it personally what one chooses to do with their life or the things that they say. Everyone individually is responsible for ones self. Until a certain age, everyone is responsible for ones children. Let’s not go into 2018 thinking that we can dictate to anyone else how to raise their child. Unless you are financially providing for someone else’s child, do not try to speak on how someone else raises their child. No two households are the same. No two people are the same. Stop expecting everyone to agree with you. Everyone’s opinion is their own. Someone could read everything I’ve written and say “all of this is garbage, she is a horrible blogger, she is stupid and she doesn’t speak correct English” and that would TOTALLY be their opinion!! I can’t get mad about that. That person isn’t meant to understand ME. A lot of people don’t understand people who don’t follow along with the crowd. We are “unpredictable” to some and “a mystery” to others, but that is because people are always stuck up somebody else’s ass wondering what they are doing and we, people like me, we are DOING stuff. Too busy doing something, anything, to worry about what someone else is doing. There’s the difference. It’s no secret. Spreading more “take a look in the mirror” vibes. A JOURNEY WITH ME. Because WE gone look in that bitch together. The mirror is our mother fucking friend bitch. I’m serious. This isn’t a game and at this point, more people see it than not so I’m not sounding too crazy here. Somewhere, someone agrees that this ENTIRE EARTH is fucked up. WE have to fix it. Starting 2018. Im telling everybody that, to do so, we have to, individually, fix ourselves inside. To do so we have to learn to meditate and how to do yoga and find plant based diets that benefit our bodies and build us from the inside. We have to learn how to be the humans that we are supposed to be to and for this earth to help her keep going because if we don’t she is going to die. We blame and point fingers at the government but we have access to the information that is out there and we can learn how to do the things ourselves so that we can sustain ourselves and our children will learn as we do. I have learned so much in 2017 that I really have seen with my own eyes the truth and proof in it all and we are able to do just what we need for ourselves. Those who can not help themselves will get the help they need when they are able to be GIVEN the proper and correct help. We have to help ourselves first, that is just the way life flows. When it is done the other way around and people help their neighbor and the community, but don’t ever help themselves, no progress really ever gets made because the self is still not satisfied. Satisfaction IS VERY possible. Life can no longer be treated like “a test”. Life is not a test. Life is a trip. A vacation. A paradise that should be nothing less than blissful, and in knowing that, it has to be lived as such. 2018 should be beautiful for everybody because we should all know that NOTHING is stopping you from living your best life and no one is standing in your way of you becoming your best you. What is meant for YOU is YOURS and no one can take it away from you. SO all in all -2017 is being left in 2017. Live. Grow. Thrive. Be. Do. Passionately in 2018-!!

I know I am!!


(P.S. It took me WEEKS to write this.)