I am NOT your comfort.

I am NOT your comfort!

   I will not be a safe haven for your insecurities. I will not give your confusion a place of rest. I am not going to argue with you about your opinion or truths versus mine. Honestly, that used to be something that I would be very quick to do, but what is the point of going into a battle of words on who is more confident and convinced on where they stand in thought or theory? I will give an opinion of something all day, but I have no reason to challenge someone else’s mindset. We all think and live how we do for reasons specific and precedent to our own journey. I will NEVER bicker back and forth about WHY I think the way I do. That’s none of your concern and too much energy is wasted on trying to have someone convert to your TRAIN of thought. I will not train you. It is your own responsibility to learn something that you don’t understand and if you feel that someone is wrong, you don’t insult them. That shows a lack of even being truly present in the situation. Where you really are, is in your own mind digging for their information and since you can’t find it, you have to revert to the only response you know against anything uncomfortable to your outer stances. No one is responsible for your comfort, but you. If you come for me in a social media environment I am not going to entertain you. At least not how you want me to. I am not in charge of your life by no means. I am not going to tell you what you don’t know just because you try to find a way to make me feel some negative type of way about myself. You can say what you want to say about me. You don’t know me and I’m pretty sure we would never cross paths. So to expect me to be upset because you say something demeaning towards me is comical because you really had to think about it. You actually took the time and used the energy to throw a rock at my window and what you don’t realize is that I’m more of an effervescence then an essence.. so you can’t catch me lol you can’t burst my bubble and you can’t rain on my parade because I MADE IT. No external forces hold the keys to my inner peace. In other words, I love myself too much to allow someone who doesn’t know me, or doesn’t like me, tell me who I am or put their self hatred off on me. I am more than words, for one. I am also more than negativity. I am more than what I think I know and I am more than a miscommunication. That being said, I am definitely more than your misrepresentation of me and again, I will never be your comfort.

Thanks for the energy, though.

Comprehension 101. A- Everybody doesn’t get it.