2B Inspired

I’ve never been inspired by another human being. Well at least not until today (April 8, 2017). By that I mean, Ive never understood what it meant to look at another person and feel pushed to do something different or better or more than the present moment that you stand in. I look at myself and close my eyes and meditate for inspiration. All of that expanded today. As I watched a clip of THE Cardi B being helped to her dressing room after her performance. Baby bumping as she goes. Right in the midst of one of (If not THE) the highest (and most well deserved) career peak of all times. I’m a cry baby, a happy cryer. I cry about everything. I cried so hard looking at this gorgeous woman being escorted to her room and I started to think of all the things that I’ve read from her posts Nd things she has said and my brain thought “man, I wanna be like her”. I never had this thought before, so it hit me heavy, with more tears, but there was no confusion, I knew exactly what I meant and how I felt. I want to be FREE. Free to be my most ME-est ME. Regardless of what that means its connected to growth and ascension and no less with no regrets. I want to see all my hard work paying off and I want to push myself to beat the best of MYSELF and my hard work. I already live by the ideal that “every creation must be better than the last” make it spread. I want to spend every second doing something to push myself towards my goals. I want to see and hear the naysayers and STILL know “I got this”. I want to keep pushing no matter what obstacle or unexpected changes come my way. I get excited every time I see someone on a quest to be themselves no matter what. Knowing that your greatest version is inside YOU and nowhere else. Believing in ones self to try again after you have told ones self that you give up. Making sure everyone around is taken care of, even if they don’t deserve it, everyone is fighting a battle and really if you give a person enough room to breathe and process thought, anyone can get through anything, it’s not just being in “love” that changes people for the better or pushes people to move forward, but if you love yourself enough, you can get through anything. Cardi b is like a best friend that everyone should have. I admire her drive and the fact that she saw something in HERSELF when nobody else did, THAT nobody else did and kept pushing no matter what. Hell, even if she didn’t see it, she gave herself enough room to grow into it(I know she will be a great mom). There isn’t any other person in the world that I can think of that has climbed positions and successes (besides Rihanna and Oprah-my opinion) and do it so quickly and gracefully. She knew where she belonged well before she got there. Thats why she is here. The booth, the stage, the photo shoots etc, she had it and believed it and knew it and seen it ALL well before she laid hands on it and hasn’t ever forgotten to be grateful for everything and remember and notate what triggered her drive to keep pushing forward. That is power! That is self love. When nothing or no one can stop you, that creates a force that can not be moved by anyone else. Just move out the way. Thank you Cardi B. Thank you for giving someone like me, someone who lives in the clouds, a reason to look down. Thank you for being that voice and light for “the strong friend” cuz I know you’re HER, as well. Thank you for showing us that we ALL can, if we really really want to and that’s final. Thank you for pushing as hard as you have. Thank you for being direction to us in the back corner who can’t really see our way. Thank you for continuously pressing forward and not letting a baby make you change up your course. Thank you for being yourself and being loud and obnoxious and opinionated, don’t shut up for no one. Thank you for saying something in ALL your rhymes. I don’t know, just thank you! I actually love the feeling of being inspired, which is a lot different than societies version which is more so, appropriation. I don’t want to be Cardi B at all though, but she has shown me that I can be ME, out loud, and you can either deal with it or move around because I’ll just be great and successful in your face either way. This is bliss and I love it! Truly enough, there are always people who can not see someone’s light. So let me try and make this relative for everybody. There are people in the world who feel like we aren’t a part of the world, but all of our greatest gifts and talents that we hold inside are connected to areas that place us right in the center of the world and we have to figure out how to WANT our place in it. To be ready and willing to stand up against the very things that pull us out of our comfort zone. You get to a place where you start to feel that “comfort” isn’t even a goal and “being uncomfortable” actually is. You appreciate the fact that you don’t know how to fit in because you aren’t supposed to fit. Fitting doesn’t stand apart or give any reason to push or pull or even drive, because it fits right in on its own. I can press forward without any traffic in my unfitting lane and nothing or no one can stand in the way because I have enough room to move around in any direction. This is what everyone is witnessing. The blossoming of that flower that grew in the concrete because it didn’t fit in with the grass, now y’all see it. She is that. This is my inspiration. Keep shining Cardi B 💚 thanks to you, I can truly see the sunlight shining through the cracks in the concrete and I know how to push through.