Why “The Principle”?


Passion is a principle of life. In definition, a principle is “A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of beliefs or behaviors or for a chain of reasoning.” (google dictionary). There was a time when I only looked at passion as a part of sensuality. I saw it as being necessary for an intimate relationship with someone else to grow and thrive, and that was all there was to it. From youth, Ive always unconsciously been a very passionate person. Be it in doing ANYTHING, even speaking. I usually only speak outwardly to others if it comes from deep within, otherwise I dont speak much at all. That would sometimes make people look at me sideways or assume that I was always angry. So much so, that I adopted the tags of being angry and misunderstood. About two years ago, I was on facebook and someone said something about being passionate about everything and it stuck in my mind. I posted my own status questioning passion and its principles and what gives life to it. “What are the principles of passion?” That question never left my mind and since that day I have been getting answers to that question. I came to realize that love is a PRINCIPLE of passion. You have to love what you do or who you are with or even yourself.. PASSIONATELY. Thats just a base. Nothing grows without having passion for it to do so. It is that spiritual push that thrusts us forward, little by little, to living our best lives. I fell in love with passion because I finally saw in myself, that I AM PASSIONATE, period, about everything. Besides being a scorpio, besides being a melanated woman, besides being a mother. I am JUST that, passionate in my own light. I see life in a way that most of the world doesn’t and I am passionate about that because living with this passion has taught me things, helped me to avoid things, and has strengthened my heart and mind in ways that I wish to share with the world. I am in a constant state of growth. I never asked to think or feel the way I do. I just do, always have, that has to mean something. With passion, I am stepping one foot at a time towards building myself up and thriving one day at a time by the principle.

The Principle of Passion.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you enjoy my truths and unpopular opinions.