Passion Harvest

There is no greater passion than that which comes with creation. I cant really stand behind a title that extends beyond “creator”, thats because there are so many different things that I want to create and that I can create. Designs, photography, paintings, poetry, music, etc. Just to name a few, I want to share them all. I will post some of my creations on here every now and then. I am still pulling things together on learning how to build my own personal website where people will be able to purchase things and take a walk through my mind. I am working on my design site location, I am not sure if I want to connect it with my wordpress or if I am going to build my own, but in due time, everything will be together. I will also do custom orders of items for whoever is interested. Send me an email and we will pull it together, whatever it is. I am a single mother, small business owner and a senior in college, so I have to juggle my time accordingly, but I am always available.